Meaning of Name And Definition of Gadgets

A gadget is any ingenious piece of technology used in daily life. Gadgets can be called either gizmos or instruments. They include things like digital cameras, mobile phones, calculators and microwave ovens. In the past gadgets were regarded as very special items with a high price tag attached to them.

Nowadays gadgets have lost their unique flavor and they are often used only for the purpose of entertainment. Gadgets come in all shapes and sizes. We can see quote from famous poets who often quote lines like ‘Look, a thing beautiful to see, good to be true’. This kind of lines describe the beauty and fun of gadgets. Also when we see the first used of a gadget, they get very useful very quickly. So we can say that a gadget is either very beautiful to look at or very good to be true.

A gadget can be described according to its uses. A very beautiful and useful gadget would be called a g cuff. A very practical yet cheap to cuff would be the ‘CuteGadget’. Another example of a very useful but cheap gadget would be the calculator. The first used of this calculator was in the 1980’s at the University College London, it was named after the well-known Cambridge mathematical professor who was responsible for the invention.

A gadget can also be defined according to its design. A very pretty yet cheap design would be the ‘CuteGadget’. A gadget which is very useful yet not very stylish is ‘ElegantGadget’. The definition section of a dictionary helps us understand what the gadget actually is.

Sometimes a gadget becomes very famous because of its creator’s association or fame. A gadget which is named after or bears the name of a celebrity or political figure often becomes popular because of its association with that celebrity or political figure. Thus we have ‘The Newton Phone’ which was inspired by a phone invented by a man called Newton, who was a famous naturalist. Due to its fame the Newton Phone has become very expensive, but its manufacture still continues.

The meaning of a particular name or id is often significant. An id that refers to a company or organization can mean that the organization itself is very common and therefore the person giving out the id is also very common and famous. So, if you give your kid an id like “My Dad’s the President Of United States” then it could mean that he is famous or a leading figure in his family, therefore making him the leader of a political party. But this id will not mean that he is actually the president of United States, just a famous person with the same name.