Types of Gadgets

A gadget is an ingenious piece of electronic apparatus or a complex mechanical machine. Gadgets can be called electronic gadgets, too. They are very useful and add to the fun of having one. When purchasing a gadget, you should have your children help you choose what you need.

A good example of a traditional and common gadget is the cellular phone. The cellular phone is one of the most modern gadgets. It is the basic necessity of our present society. The word gadget was first used in the year 19ހ, from the German word “Gegen” meaning “to bring forth.” According to the Merriam Webster’s dictionary, the word gadget means “something considered novel or amazing; something beautiful or elegant”.

A more common and smaller tool that has become a popular toy, is the Swiss army knife. This tool is not a gadget but can be seen as a modern version of the Swiss army knife. A Swiss army knife can be described as a small tool with a multi-functional blade. Many times referred to as a pocket knife, they have many different uses and can even be used to open cans.

Another type of smaller tool is the digital camera. This digital camera can be called a gadget because it is somewhat of a small tool, but it is very useful and can be used to take pictures. There is an advanced version of the digital camera that has an LCD screen. This is another type of modern gadget that is often called a gadget because it looks like a classic pocket watch or a clock radio but does not have the function of a regular pocket watch or clock radio.

An interesting example of a smaller, yet useful and modern gadget is the French gchat. A French gchat is an instant messaging system that was developed in France and is used by millions of people all over the world. It is similar to a combination of chat lines and web chat. The term French gchat was coined from the French phrase “le chat goutte” which means “the chat in leather”.

There are other categories of modern gadgets. A small technical item whose precise name one cannot readily remember is the pocket calculator. This is one of those gadgets that are both useful and very handy because it can help people who do not have much experience with numbers or with complex mathematics. Gadgets such as a digital camera or digital video recorder are also considered as modern gadgets. Finally, a battery operated or solar powered weathervane is also considered as a modern gadget.