What is the Meaning of the iPhone Name?


What is the Meaning of the iPhone Name?

A gadget is an ingenious piece of apparatus or a multifunctional device. Gadgets can be known as gizmos too. Gadgets have come a long way from the traditional watches and clocks that we all had in the past. Nowadays, gadgets are used by people of every age group and in different fields. But there is one thing common in all gadgets they have to be maintained properly.

The term gadget actually comes from the French words ‘gage’ and ‘tachete’ which means a small tool or a knife. So, first used in reference to a small tool or a knife, the word came into use later. Gadgets have been around ever since man began to realize his needs for something better than what he had been getting from his work station. Even the ancient Egyptians have had a sense of humor because they built structures such as the pyramids with gears and pulleys being the main tools used. In fact, the early Greeks were famous for their use of gadgets such as the githopades.

In the modern world of gadgets, you will find that there are literally hundreds of thousands of them. These gadgets are manufactured by companies with the name of brands. Some names that are well-known in the field of the gadget industry are Sony, Samsung, LG, Zune, Blackberry and iPhone. The most popular gadget of this new generation is the cell phone. Almost everyone has one; especially one whose name is iPhone.

When it was launched in the market, the first thing that attracted everybody’s attention was the multi-functional gizmo in which the owner could store his phone numbers, emails, text messages and even his voice messages. This was the very first Apple product as well as the first iPhone product. The iPhone, in fact, has become so much more than just a phone, especially when it is used to access the internet. There are many people around the world who do not have any idea on how the iPhone works or the way to use the gadget, but after they buy one, they cannot stop talking about its amazing features and uses.

The name of the gadget itself iPhone is quite intriguing because this is the name of the gadget that has caused so much faddishness in the technological arena. However, the name gadget itself is quite interesting because it is the name of the electronic equipment which has revolutionized the whole world. So, from the very beginning, the name gadget came up as a replacement for the more conventional brand name of iPhones. The name itself can be humorous as well as comical because the gadgets of this era are far more advanced as compared to the earlier ones, which was the mobile phones or PDA’s.

Another interesting fact is that the name of the company that actually manufactures the gadget is also quite interesting. This means that there is no direct relation between the name of the gadget and the company manufacturing it. Moreover, the name of the companies also stands for innovativeness and creativity. Thus, from the very beginning, we can say that the iPhone is one great gadget because it has been able to redefine the way communication is done in the mobile era.