Who Are Some Upstarts?

The Shinobi clan, otherwise known as the Hellions of Japan were the first major upstart company in the new business world of business in Japan. In order for them to stay ahead of their competition they went on a buying binge of stocks and other businesses at the beginning of the 21st century. The problem was that since they bought so many things they had a tendency to clog up their warehouses with excess inventory. This issue was not fully resolved until one night a Shinobi courier delivered a crate of goods for his master to inspect. The Shinobi clan was evicted from their Tokyo apartment after the company president declared Martial Law.

As a former Shinobi, Fabian Cortez, now a US citizen, took charge of the company once it became bankrupt. He reorganized the company and made it easier to get the products to the retailers. Upstarts gained points whenever a new warehouse or outlet opened. Retailers had to gain points in order to receive shipment deliveries.

The most common Upstart activity is selling products to other retailers. The second most common Upstart activity is becoming a distributor of goods for a brand. Distributors are also in demand because they need to gain social skills in order to survive in this new position. Some distributors are happy working in close association with the brand they are representing while others need to establish their own personal identity.

The most successful upstart companies will seek to hire consultants who are knowledgeable in setting up an upstart company. The consultants will assist the company in creating a plan and a structure to help them run the business. The consultants will be able to help upstart companies build up their infrastructure and their social skills. High-level managers may not need to hire consultants because they already have experienced staff members in place; however, it is important for newly set-up companies to have consultants.

The X-Men are a great example of Upstarts. The comic book publisher has been around since 1980. Even though the character’s popularity has diminished somewhat, the character and the comic books still enjoy a high level of fanfare. In a popular interview, Wolverine director James Mangold mentioned that he had a difficult time casting X-Men characters because many young men didn’t want to do the movie. Mangold added that he didn’t necessarily want to star Hugh Jackman, but he wanted to find an actor who could play Wolverine, the team member most associated with the X-Men.

Another good candidate for an upstart is a new series of movies based on the X-Men. Fans of the comics would love to see their beloved characters in the big screen, but there may be concerns about their portrayal by Hollywood executives. The writers and producers of these movies need to be careful how they portray X-Men, because if they go too far it could negatively affect the reputation of the X-Men franchise. One way that new X-Men stories can succeed is if a new director comes in to handle the TV show. Once the show starts to gain in popularity, more Upstarts will be created, giving fans yet another chance to enjoy this popular superhero.